Fisher-Price: My First GEEKS! The Musical Blog Post

I am very fortunate not to have ever suffered from writer’s block. I have multiple short and full-length plays in various drafts, and a notebook filled with more ideas and characters. Someday I’ll get to that follow-up of Lifestyles of the Damned, I’ve got the whole story plotted. And there’s a few other novels gestating in my mind. And maybe, someday, I’ll finish that screenplay.

For fiction, I’m covered, but when it comes to writing a blog, I have no idea what to write about. Should it be my on-line diary (though Facebook covers most of that, and yes, I do have a day job)? Do you really care if I think Davy Jones is the coolest thing since sliced bread? Should my blog be a place for random thoughts? Or is that more Twitter’s job?

Obviously, this blog is to create awareness of my musical. Have you heard about it? No? Then go to OK, that’s done.

What next?

Well, it will most likely be a mix of tales from getting a musical on its feet (be gentle, it’s my first time), some thoughts on pop culture (I’ll try to keep them positive, we don’t want any Emersons here, and if you have no idea what that means, it’s a reference to GEEKS! The Musical, see… creating awareness), and maybe I’ll ever publish a little flash fiction here and there.

So, together we can watch this blog evolve, along with the musical. It should be fun. So stick around. We know you have a choice in blogs, so thank you for choosing GEEKS! The Musical!

Tune in again tomorrow for more coined phrases…

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