Pop Music

I saw Peter Murphy in concert last night. For those of you who know me, you’re probably saying: “Yeah, so? What is this, like the three hundredth time you’ve seem him?” (No, 24 solo shows, 5 times with Bauhaus.) For those of you who don’t know me, you’re probably saying: “Who the hell is Peter Murphy?”

Regardless of the musician, it was the second show within a month where I heard songs performed that I’ve liked for a good portion of my life. Songs that brought back many specific memories of high school, college and my first few years out on LA. These songs and albums had such an impact on my life, and were practically the soundtrack of it.

What saddens me, is that in the past 15-20 years, there have not been too many songs or albums that trigger such memories. One could argue that the music is not as good, and some of it isn’t, but there are still gems out there. One could argue that life has just fallen into a pattern, and partially they’d be correct, but every year it’s filled with many new and exciting experiences (like watching GEEKS! THE MUSICAL come to life, yay, shameless plug!).

Maybe it’s just the two don’t go together too much any more. My life and my music are taking different paths.

I seem to attach more memories to pop culture these days. I remember watching the finale of Lost as much as I finding out who killed Laura Palmer. I remember waiting to see the Dark Knight as much as waiting to see Tim Burton’s Batman. And every year at the San Diego Comic Con I make new memories while revisiting the old.

Perhaps it’s because these new pop culture events were shared by friends (there was nothing like watching Jason and Laurie and Walter’s first experiences at Comic Con), and music is still a solitary endeavor (even more so in the digital age, no midnight runs to Tower Records to get the new Depeche Mode album).

Still, it would be nice to hear a song on my iPod and think: “This reminds me of when I was 35 and I…”

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