There’s a Moon in the Sky (It’s Called the Moon)

Did you get up early or stay up late to watch the total lunar eclipse this morning (December 10th)? I didn’t. And for once, I was fully aware of it. I could have chosen to watch it at a lovely house in Los Feliz with an amazing view (you know the one). But I opted to sleep.

When I was a kid, not only would I be up at the crack of whatever time some astrological event was taking place, I’d probably not sleep until it happened. Space was so cool. Who knew what was out there. Han Solo? Captain Kirk? A monolith that made a really annoying buzzing sound?

I knew where all the constellations were. I knew the phases of the moon. I was bitter that my generation got the crappiest view of Halley’s Comet ever!

And now, instead of watching the beautiful red glow of the moon, I chose to sleep. How lame. I can sleep any time. I won’t see a total lunar eclipse in L.A. again until 2014. I’m sure I’d have plenty of time to catch up on sleep between now and then.

This is not the first thing in recent years I wimped out on. I’ve passed on concerts, events and parties because I didn’t want to drive that far, or deal with traffic, or parking, or go alone. These are things that never used to stop me. I’d drive up to San Francisco on my own, go off to Vegas with friends on a whim, drive to Riverside just to get Chinese food (it was really good Chinese food).

Though a strange reversal has happened at the San Diego Comic Con the past few years. For those have been there, you know it’s crazy and crowded and smell’s like ass (as Emerson from GEEKS! THE MUSICAL reminds us). But, I will get up early to go see David Tennant, wait in line hours to see Adam West, and suffer through the stars of Twilight to see Pee Wee Herman.

Perhaps it’s because the comic con taps into the childhood excitement. Where as a Friday night, after a long week, a lunar eclipse just won’t do the same. And that’s a shame.

Life’s too short and the universe is too big a beautiful to miss out on this cool stuff. So, I vow from here on out to make a better effort to experience it. I’m writing it in a blog, so that’s almost like a legally binding contract, right?

So I’ll see you at the lunar eclipse on April 16, 2014. Though I may need a disco nap first.

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