All’s Well That Ends. Well….

I love a good epilogue. If I’ve spent time with characters in a book, movie or graphic novel, I like to know where they end up when the story is over. What happened to them after an adventure so interesting it was made into a book, movie, graphic novel or all of the above.

My favorite part of the Harry Potter series (both books and movies) was the epilogue. But I felt it was too short. No, it didn’t need to go on and on like the epilogue in Return of the King (granted, the length was fine for a book, but for a movie, even I wished for a little bit of editing there). There were so many characters left unaccounted for, it would have been nice to know what happened to them. I know J.K. Rowling has shared a few gems and has hinted at many more, but I wanted them in those last pages. We’d read so many already, why not a few more.

Outside of epic movies, I’m fine with just that blurb at the end: “Married the hero and moved to Hawaii.” “Opened a chain of fried chicken restaurants.” “Died in Vietnam.”

Some people may not like having everything wrapped up, because then there’s no chance of further adventures with these characters. Hey, Harry Potter could have plenty of other adventures before and after showing the kids off to school. But just in case we don’t hear about those, I’d like to know our friends did well after the adventures we did witness.

Wouldn’t you like a few more episodes of Lost just to see Sawyer get back to civilization, see how Hurley and Ben ran the island, and have all those many other questions answered?

Maybe with so little closure in real life, I like to have lots of it in my fantasy.

How about you?

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