2011 Highlight Reel Part 1 of 3

Life, Career and Writing

Yes, I should have done this last week, but I was busy wrapping up 2011. But it’s never to late to brag about the year that was.

Personal Life. I am happy that I’ve reached the point of not only having a good circle for friends, but to have that circle keep growing. I’m fortunate to have both quantity and quality. My friends are supportive in my writing and in all aspects of my life. And they’re fun! My Sci-fi themed 42nd birthday party is proof that they can get into the spirit of things.

Other exciting events this year: The Tim Burton exhibit, The Downtown Art Walk, Some Academy of New Musical Theatre Showcases, and our multiple-Halloween parties. Though I may have lost some friends after forcing them to watch “Werewolf in a Girl’s Dormitory.”

And after a couple of unsteady years with my yoga practice, I finally fell back into the groove. Most of the year, I was able to get to class five times a week. Though my tight shoulders and hamstrings are a constant struggle, I have been advancing. Heck, I did a handstand for the first time since I was a… well, probably ever. But that’s not what yoga is all about, Charlie Brown (much to the dismay to the jock yogis I’m sure). Yoga has helped me grow as a person. Believe it or not, I am much more patient with people (even when driving) and am more flexible, even in stressful situations. Yeah, angry Sicilian Tom pops up every now and then, but I’ve even learned to be patient with him. Hey, he makes a mad meatball.

My ability to do more yoga, were due to big changes in my career. The 13-year-old relationship with my “boss” ended as gracefully as Kim Kardashian’s wedding. After the shock and fear wore off, I joined with two other friends to open our own business: Ink & Pixels Studios. And as our first year came to an end, we had an impressive client list. And a very busy first quarter of 2012.

I hope to find time to write with all that. Especially after 2011 was my most successful year to date. 14 of my short plays have been produced throughout the country. 6 of them selected for staged readings with various companies (this does not count the pieces I had read at FirstStage LA’s Playwright’s Express). 2 of my pieces, including a full-length, were selected as semi-finalists in 2 contests. And I won audience favorites 4 times! The highlight of which was the Tehachapi Playwright’s Festival, where I’ve won audience favorite three years in a row (though this was my first First Place)!

And then there’s Geeks! The Musical! After testing out the music in a table read, we had a weekend of staged readings. The audience reaction was very positive. Lots of laughs, lots of good feedback. And now, we got the red light for production at Write Act Repertory Theatre in Hollywood this Spring! Go Geeks!

Tune in tomorrow for my 2011 highlights in theater, movies and music.

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