2011 Highlight Reel Part 3 of 3

Travel and The Comic-Con

2011 was also a stellar year for travel. I got to Las Vegas and New York City twice, as well as my usual treks to San Francisco and Boston to see family. And I seemed to be attracted to Florida a great deal recently. Over Memorial Day weekend we went to Ft. Lauderdale, Miami and Key West. Who knew I would take to the outdoor activities offered in Key West? I went snorkeling, kayaking and swimming in the open water.

And in October, we went to Orlando. It was my first time there in over thirty years. We hit the Magic Kingdom and Epcot Center. Though they were fun, I may have been spoiled by Disneyland here. There wasn’t anything too new and exciting for me in those parks. I thought maybe I was jaded. Then I went to Universal’s Island of Adventure! I was absolutely blown away! Now THIS is a theme park. Our first stop was Harry Potter Land of course. And it did not disappoint. It felt like I was at Hogwarts. And that Butterbeer was yummy! (I liked the frozen best.)

But that wasn’t all. Dr. Suess area was so wild and fun, as was the Comic Strip area. And the Marvel Comics area gave Harry Potter a run for its money. OK, the Dr. Doom’s Freefall was a little lame, but anything Fantastic Four themed still holds my interest (though after eating at the Three Broomsticks, I was too stuffed to eat at the Fantastic Four Cafe). The Spider-Man ride was a great achievement of mixing 3D with a roller coaster ride. And I may be getting just a little too old for roller coasters as intense as The Hulk.

And as I have every summer this century, I headed down to San Diego this past July for the Comic-Con. Remember that new-found patience I spoke about in the yoga section? Well, this is where it paid off. For some reason the crowds and the long lines did not bother me at all. And instead of vowing not to go back the next year (though you knew I always would) I was re-energized and looking forward to 2012.

It was the first time I got to Preview Night. And I will now make a habit of it. I found most of the things on my comic list that night! And we got a glimpse at Stan Lee (granted, it wasn’t my “Hi, Stan” and his grandpa-ly point at me as we crossed on elevators last year, but it isn’t Comic Con until you’ve seen Stan the Man).

And my first panel of the first full day was– Twilight!?!? I thought it would be long over by the time I showed up to wait for Pee Wee Herman. But I was able to walk right into Hall H. When was the last time you could do that? But that suffering was worth seeing Pee Wee, who was in top improvisational form.

I didn’t get into the Doctor Who panel, but I did get to see Matt Smith on a panel with a bunch of other TV actors. He was sitting next to Johnny “Leonard Hofstadter” Galecki. How cool was that? Or rather, how geeky!

I also didn’t get into the Torchwood panel, but saw John Barrowman on another panel. He, of course, stole the show. He sung “Happy Birthday” to one guy and then came down and planted one on him! Insert your own Torchwood pun/joke here.

Another highlight was seeing Adam West, Burt Ward and Julie Newmar talk about the old Batman Series. Granted, Julie is a bit of a nut, but it was fun to see the three of them interact. And as an extra bonus, I spotted Lee Meriwether signing in the autograph area. She was beautiful!

There you go. That was the best of 2011. I hope all of you had as an exciting year as well. And my 2012 be exciting and prosperous for all of us!

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