Like Two Shippers Who Passed In The Night

I just read an interesting article in Entertainment Weekly about “shippers.” In case you don’t know (because I didn’t) a shipper is a fan who takes a deep interest in a relationship (or the possibility of a relationship) between two characters. And it will sometimes develop into fan fiction.

Now, I may alienate some of my geeks, but I’m not a fan of fan fiction. Though, I’ve nothing against it. I think it’s great that people are inspired to write about characters they love. I did my share when I was younger. My favorite was a novella based on the original V series where the resistance kidnaps the lizard queen Diana. It was fun writing about her getting her comeuppance. And I’m sure that fulfillment is what shippers get when they have their favorites hook up.

If I were to be a shipper, I’d probably have more unique parings. Nothing gross or too taboo (though my suggestion of Doctor on Doctor action at Gallifrey Con a few years back was not received very well… an eleven-some?). Just not the obvious parings.

What if on the original Star Trek, Bones hooked up with Uhura? Or if in Harry Potter, Hermione has a teacher crush on Professor Snape, which melts some of his harsh facade? Could Emma Frost and Tony Stark have a mad, torrid affair? Lois Lane and Bruce Wayne? Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark?

I’m not one to pass up a good crossover. The Marvel/DC ones excited as a kid! Though I never could find the 1976 Spider-Man vs. Superman when I was growing up, but the X-Men and the New Teen Titans was so cool. I see there’s an upcoming Doctor Who and Star Trek crossover. That just makes me drool.

If I were do to crossovers, I’d have the X-Men crossover with the Star Trek TNG crew. I’m sure they could meet up with them thanks to the Starjammers. I’d love to see Reed Richards from the Fantastic Four help Doctor Who solve a problem. And could Batman put his detective skills to use with Bones or Castle? Bones from Star Trek working with Bones from Bone!?!?

Though, I think it’s best that I stick with writing original things, like GEEKS! THE MUSICAL!


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