The Geeks Are Here! (Part One)

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post, but I’ve been busy getting GEEKS! THE MUSICAL up and running. I had hoped to blog stories from the stage, but turns out, putting up a full-length musical is a lot of work. Even when you have an amazing amount of people behind the scenes and a cast that is very devoted to the work. But, I find myself with a rare free moment and thought I’d write a little bit about the show.

There wouldn’t be a show without a cast, so let me tell you about them. It’s a large cast (16 people!) so this will take multiple posts. But every single one of them deserves a mention.

Starting with Jonathan Brett, who plays the lead, Jordan. I know Jonathan from a monthly game night we both attend, but he was very quiet and our gaming paths rarely crossed. After chatting with him at another party, I suggested he come try out for GEEKS!

He blew us all away with his audition. Jonathan had such energy and presence. I swear I had not seen anything like it since I saw Hugh Jackman do The Boy from Oz on Broadway. I was a little worried that the rest of the crew would think I was playing favorites, but they all loved him, too.

And what he brought to Jordan has been amazing. A sweetness and honesty that goes beyond what was written on the page. I get chills every time I hear him sing “Powerless.”

Many people have come up to me after the show and said Jonathan reminds them of a younger me. That is very flattering to me, I can only wish I were that cute and sweet. And I certainly can’t sing and dance like Jonathan! Well out side a Goth club, that is.

As for our female lead, Kerry, played by Redetha Deason… well… I can’t say enough about her. She has been with us since our first staged reading way back in 2009! She has dropped everything to attend other readings and meetings and rehearsals. Her energy is endless and contagious!

I can’t even imagine anybody else playing Kerry. Redeatha truly is our Girl at Comic-Con. Come on, she is the only girl I’ve ever met who is a Space: 1999 fanatic! And she owns more Star Wars shirts than I do.

And the chemistry between her and Jonathan is believable. They look so cute together!

As of this post (March 10, 2011), you still have 4 chances to see GEEKS! THE MUSICAL and these two amazing actors, along with the other fourteen amazing actors. Don’t miss it! I know in a few years you’ll be seeing these folks on the big screen or the small screen or on Broadway… hopefully still playing the roles they originated in GEEKS!

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