The Geeks are Here! (Part Two)

Tyler Koster, who plays Chip, has also been with GEEKS! THE MUSICAL since the very first reading. I can see GEEKS! going on the Chicago, New York, Boston and London, but I can’t see anybody else playing that role. Tyler is Chip. No, Tyler is not a Doctor Who fanatic. As a matter of fact, he barely knew about the show starting out, but has done tons of research the past couple of years. But when he’s on stage, he is 100% Chip.

It has been an honor for me to watch the character evolve with Tyler. He inspired some rewrites for his character, to help make sure he didn’t get forgotten by Act Two. Though I doubt an audience would let that happen.

He’s a hard worker, always prepared, always energetic. And I predict he’ll be Chip long after Matt Smith is Doctor Who. As well as the guy after that. And the guy after that…

Wil Bowers may play the bitter queen, Emerson, but he is one of the sweetest guys I’ve ever met. But he does seem to enjoy digging into the nasty side of Emerson. Who wouldn’t? To be able to say what you thought and felt, no matter how offensive it was. He’s got the courage to take the booing to his character’s comments (as we saw Friday night), but he knows as well as I, in the end, they’ll be cheering his performance.

Wil has a great sense of comic timing and can really bring it out during a song. He can be both the comic lead, but then more of a “straight” man when he’s onstage with Chip. Emerson could steal the show, but with Wil’s generosity as an actor, he never does.

Wil has been with GEEKS! Since the second stage reading. He is one of the busiest actors I know, but it never interferes with the show. Like the entire cast, GEEKS! Appears to be more than just another gig.

Richard Lewis Warren plays Mel Tyler, the has been TV actor. Richard played a creepy priest in my play “Deeds” that was also performed at Write Act. When I saw that he wanted to audition I was excited and terrified. What if he was really as creepy as the character he played for me. I didn’t have Heidi Appe there to kill him with a rock! (Spoiler alert!)

But Richard can do funny just as great as he did scary. Yes, it’s obvious when he’s the center of attention of the story, but some of his subtle humor may be missed by some of the audience. Little things he’s added while in the background (most of them at his suggestion) are just hilarious.

As an actor, Richard has no fear. Come see the show to see what I mean exactly. But his fearlessness makes him the perfect Mel Tyler aka Rick Winger!

As of today, Friday March 12th, you still have three chances to see GEEKS! THE MUSICAL. But do hurry and make reservations. We’re poised for another sold out weekend!


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