The Geeks Are Here (Part Three)

The role of Trey was the toughest to cast in GEEKS! THE MUSICAL. It was the rare case where we had three really good contenders. But I had a feeling it would be Brandon Murphy Barnes. With his wild hair and lanky legs, he just screamed Trey. He had an energy that none of the others could quite match.

After getting to know Brandon, I learned he had the same determination as Trey (but much more confidence). Brandon told me his goal was to act every day, and that impressed the hell out of me. He’s a hard worker and I know that will pay off for him very quickly.

And on stage the guy just shines. He has the sexiest dance number and pulls it off. He acts with his entire body, we watch him regress and grow. And damn, he and Audrina look sexy together!

Audrina is played by Juliette Angeli. Though I’m sure Juliette would fearlessly take on any role and make it hers, it was nice to have an actual Goth girl play our Goth girl. But Juliette’s not just any Goth girl, but one who sings in a Goth band, or rather a neo-cabaret jazz-electronica band. And they’re pretty damn good.

But Juliette never assumed that because she knew Goth culture that she knew Audrina. She studied the character and asked great questions about what made her tick. By the end she had a great grasp on our goth girl, so much so, when we suggested she ad lib an exclamation, she came up with one of the funniest lines in the show.

The reviews have already compared her voice to angels (playing off her last name). And it this case, I’d agree with those critics. I would never have dreamed the lyrics I wrote would come out of such a beautiful instrument.

With Brandon and Juliette, we really feel Trey and Audrina are best friends.

But you only have three more chances to see them in GEEKS! THE MUSICAL (March 15-17). Hurry and make reservations. We’re poised for another sold out weekend!

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