The Geeks Are Here (Part Four)

GEEKS! THE MUSICAL would not work if it weren’t for the hard work of nine wonderful actors. I hate to call them the ensemble, because that sounds so (as Audrina would say) common. We call them the Geek Chorus (had it before I knew Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark had one, which they don’t any more, so the point is moot). And each one of them is a character in their own right.

Steven Alloway may look unassuming, but his voice will make you take notice of him. He is a true geek and a regular Comic Con attendee. He helped bring GEEKS! into a more modern geek-dom by adding a little steam punk flavor. And I believe we about stunned him with a surprise birthday greeting during rehearsals. But it was the first time I saw how much our entire cast cared about each other, they wanted to make Steven’s special night a little more special.

Aexzer Anthony (first name pronounced X-zer, like X-Men), has been with us since the last staged reading. His commitment to the show has just been amazing. He may be the smallest guy in the cast (sorry, Aexzer) but on stage, he’s a hundred feet tall, crushing buildings like Godzilla… OK, I may exagerate. But like all our Geek Chorus, he knows how to bring the background to life without overshadowing the foreground. He’s a family man, and from what I’ve seen, we should all be so lucky to have a family to support us the way Aexzer’s does.

Laura DeLano is not only a Geek Chorus member, but also one of our Dance Captains. One may not know that because she leads others with such ease, it doesn’t even look like she’s leading them. And I am so happy she gets to play a Harry Potter fanatic on stage, because I know she is one in real life, too. And I will treasure the GEEKS! pin she made me forever.

Betsi Freeman is multi-talented. She is an actor, singer, dancer and also plays a mean piano. During the table read in a condo boardroom, she entertained us at break time by playing a few songs on the piano in the lobby. Her energy is endless, as I witnessed when she came after rehearsal one night to help us prime walls. And she wears a monkey hat. How cool is that?

Damaris Justamante is just a darling. Her excitement about being involved in GEEKS! is contagious. She’s always sharing information she found that she thinks may interest us, and even went out and bought some comics to use as props as well as to learn what was out there these days. The girl knows he music and she’s got rhythm!

James Lui is the hardest working man in GEEKS! He has done so much to help the show. From painting the sets, to helping with sound, to printing poster for the walls, to promoting the show around town, to creating badges for our preview night– and most importantly, creating our pod cast ad and our GEEEKS! Workout video. Damn. I think he’s done more than me! But he does not bat an eye, it truly is a labor of love. Oh yeah, and he can sing, dance and act and all that, too.

Sebastian Munoz does occasionally steal the show, but always gives it back as good as new. It’s difficult not to notice Sebastian in the background. His expressions and movements are fun. But he gives back as good as he receives. A generous actor and a generous person. He was very excited to be part of the show and one of the ringleaders in making us feel like a family.

Mark Sugar is another unassuming guy who will just blow you away with his talents. The guy can sing and dance and act. And on top of that, he’s pretty damn funny. He is very excited about GEEKS! and told me he had a good feeling about it from the moment he read the script. Sorry to point this out, but he is the elder of the chorus. But we never notice, because he fits right in with the rest of us Geeks that we all become ageless.

Last, there is Peter Varvel. He is also one of our Dance Captains and former Geek Chorus Member. But since that last staged reading, I have worked with Peter on a couple of projects. And he always brings so much to the pieces he preforms. We have the same wicked sense of humor and I can see myself working with him more in the future. But I’ll need to take a number. Peter’s booked two more gigs since starting GEEKS! The boy is in demand.

I hope every single one of these folks has such a prosperous future. I’ve never met a more enthusiastic, hard-working group of actors in my life. And most importantly, no drama, no egos, no nothing. Just love.

And I love every single one of these guys.

Come share the love this weekend, March 15-17, at GEEKS! THE MUSICAL at the Write Act Rep in Hollywood. Be square, be there.

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