The Geeks Were Here

Years of writing, months of planning, weeks of rehearsal and now… It’s over. With it’s five last shows completely sold out, GEEKS! THE MUSICAL’s world premiere came to a close this weekend. Though I am confident that it will regenerate in one form or another, it’s still sad to see it come to an end.

For those who are familiar with the theater world, we know how it goes. You work with a group of people for a couple of months, spending long hours with them, and then suddenly, you don’t see them any more. Yes, some will stay in contact, become friends, work with you again, but it will never be the same as it was the first time.

The camaraderie of the cast and crew for GEEKS! THE MUSICAL was astounding. We were not just creating a play, we were creating a family. There was so much love on that stage, I couldn’t even put it in words.

It was great that almost everybody came to the wrap party this weekend. After spending such long hours with each other, we wanted to spend more. Even if we knew this would be the last time (in this capacity).

It is a wonderful feeling to have created a project that the cast and crew were passionate about. It never felt like just another gig to them. They gave their all both on stage and behind the scenes. And to see that they all genuinely liked each other was just the cherry on top!

GEEKS! THE MUSICAL will return, I’ve no doubt. We are already in talks to bring it to New York and remounting it in L.A. But, even in the next L.A. Run, things will be different. Though I’d love all the actors to reprise their roles, I have to prepare myself that not all of them will be available. These people were damn talented and the rest of the entertainment world will snatch them up in a heartbeat.

I’ve always believed with true friends and family it does not matter how far apart you are or how often you see each other. Whenever you see each other again, you pick up exactly where you left off the last time. And I know this will happen with my GEEKS. Because they are truly my friends and family.

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