We’re Back…

If you haven’t heard the news by now, GEEKS! THE MUSICAL is coming back to Write Act Repertory this month for another run. Not only is it an honor to be asked to return so soon after our first run (they liked us, they really liked us!), but it is an opportunity to bring more to the show. And more has been brought!

Our new musical director, Rocco Vitacco (no relation to Taco or Falco) has brought his unique, peppy style to his musical arrangements. He’s made the fun songs even funner. And this further inspired our choreographer, Liz Heathcoat, to expand her dance numbers. They are bigger and better. Rocco and Liz know how to entertain an audience!

The cast will have some familiar faces, and some new ones. Redetha Deason is still our girl at Comic-Con (and what a girl!), Tyler Koster our lovable sidekick, Juliette Angeli is our angelic voice goth girl, Brandon Murphy Barnes our lanky artist and Wil Bowers is the hater we love to hate.

Our new male lead, Aaron Nicholson, will sweep you off your feet. And our has been actor is now played by Dan Woren, who voice Roy Fokker on Robotech (and played a Borg is Star Trek First Contact). He’s got geek street cred!

And if you need another reason to see the show twice, then come out the weekend of Jun 29-Jul 1, when Stefan Rich fills in for Wil Bowers. Don’t worry, nobody can take Wil’s place, but Stefan carves out an Emerson of his own!

Plus we’ve got three new Chorus members to make the background come more alive. Can’t wait for you to meet Te Jay, Jason and Matthew. And many of your favorite Geek Chorus members will be back as well.

I’m so excited about the return of GEEKS! THE MUSICAL and can’t wait for you all to see it again… and again… and again. Be square, be there!

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