Every Good Geek Deserves Fear

Besides being a sci-fi/comic book geek, I am also a geek for good horror. Ever since I was a kid, I was both fascinated and terrified by movies like The Exorcist and The Omen. I believed everything I read in The Amityville Horror, and was always on guard if there was a fly in my room.

As a teen, I was reading plenty of Stephen King between Star Wars and Star Trek books. I stayed up late to be terrified by It, The Stand, Christine, The Shining and Pet Sematary. And there was also Dean Koontz who combined horror and suspense with books like Watchers, Strangers, Midnight and Servants of Twilight.

These inspired me to write my own works of horror. Granted, they were filled with teenage angst and yet to be developed writing skills (I got better!). And granted, there was some good gruesomeness to be had with slashers and killer beasts, but my favorite was always the supernatural.

Yes, even if a story hinted that it was based on actual events, I was hooked.

So, you probably want to know what the scariest book I ever read was? It is actually, The Demonologist, a collection of stories from paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. This book is terrifying because it’s true. Or so they tell us. And hey, if I can suspend my disbelief for Stephen King, I certainly can for these tales.

From mysterious voices, to vicious poltergeists, to the scariest story of a possessed Raggedy Anne doll you’ll ever read… these stories will stick with you. Yes, the Warrens may have been debunked when Amityville was revealed as a hoax, and they may be a little too preachy in the religion stuff, but you have to be when you’re talking about the demonic.

The creeps I get from these stories are probably why I prefer a Paranormal Activity movie over a Saw. And why I enjoy Ghost Hunters (Ed and Lorraine’s son has investigated with them once or twice). Yeah, it could be a bunch of hersey and silliness, but maybe that voice on the recorder really is a soul trapped.

Let’s just hope it’s not coming for you…

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