In A New New York State of Mind

Well, in just about a week, GEEKS! THE MUSICAL will open in New York City. I am still in disbelief that something I wrote will soon be a party of New York history (and maybe even make a little of its own). As cliché as it sounds, I love New York. As does most of pop culture. So here are some of my favorite New York moments.

The opening of Maude. Yes, we have once of the catchiest theme songs of all time, be we also get a trip through and out of the city. Same with The Odd Couple, which keeps us more in the heart of the city. Didn’t we all want to each lunch with Oscar and Felix? That is if we didn’t already have plans with Jerry Seinfeld and his friends at that unnamed Restaurant. Followed by coffee with our friends in Central Perks.

And when it comes to New York movies, Annie Hall stands out the most for me (even if it did beat out Star Wars for best picture). Yes, many of Woody Allen’s films take place in NYC, but Annie Hall seemed to capture it’s beauty and quirks. And it gets even quirkier with Mel Brooks’ The Producers. Hey, why didn’t anybody court me like they did Leo Bloom?

The opening of Breakfast at Tiffany’s had me wanting to eat danishes outside department stores. And shouldn’t we all be at a New York Holly Golightly party once in our lives.

On the opposite end is Cloverfield. In which New York is faced by its biggest threat since King Kong. From subway to high rise, these group of kids make escaping from terror seem almost fun.

And then there’s Marvel Comics. I can’t tell you how disappointed I was upon my first visit to New York when I discovered there was no Baxter Building. Or that Dr. Strange’s cool skylight was nowhere to be found. But who couldn’t picture Spider-Man web swinging from building to building. If the Marvel movies got one thing right (and most would agree they got more than one) is that they kept the movies set in New York City.

Now it’s our turn to take a bite out of the Big Apple. New York Geeks assemble!


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