Meet the NYC Geeks! DaWoyne A. Hill (Emerson)

DaWoyne A. Hill (center) as Emerson gives the GEEKS a hard time. Also pictured: Khallid Graham, Megan Lacerenza, Adam T. Biner, Vickie Oceguera and Leanne Brunn. (Photo by Rocco Vitacco.)

DaWoyne A. Hill plays Emerson, the character we love to hate. Sounds like a sweet guy is playing our bitter queen. Let’s get to know him.

Q: Who is your favorite Superhero?
DaWoyne: My favorite Superhero is Captain America. Influnced by Chris Evans rock hard abs.

Q: What is your favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy movie?
DaWoyne: Avatar is at the top of my list as favorite. Unless Resident Evil counts and that beats it by a land slide. I love chicks kicking some zombie asses! So hot!

Q: What makes you a geek?
DaWoyne: I wouldn’t consider myself a true geek. I’ve never really gotten into any geeky stuff until Game of Thrones came out. Now, if any one says Game of Thrones I get so excited and its hard to make me shut up about it. I follow fan sites and blogs and check the status of production and all. Its just something about that show that brings out the hidden Geek in me. I know what it is actually, its because IT’S AWESOME!!! And I freaking LOVE dragons! Can I have one for Christmas this year please?
(We suggest you visit Santa at Macy’s this December. -Editors)

Q: What has been your favorite part of the Geeks experience up until now?
DaWoyne: I have to say my favorite part has been getting to know my geeky side. And also playing the complete opposite of my true self. Its fun to be the villain *insert evil grin and laugh*

Q: How do you relate to your character? How are you different from your character?
DaWoyne: I’m the complete opposite of my character. Emerson feeds off negativity and I stay clear of all things negative. Its so strange when we first started rehearsals I found myself making an effort to be nice and make sure everyone knew I was nothing like Emerson in real life. Its been a wild ride. I have to be careful to not let the two worlds collide

Q: If you could sit down to dinner with the characters from one show on Broadway right now, who would it be and why?
DaWoyne: Simba from the Lion King. I love that story and the show is so magical. Its one of my dreams to be apart of it.

Q: What is your dream role to play on stage?
DaWoyne: Simba from The Lion King

Q: Zombies or Vampires?
DaWoyne: Vampires all the way! I love me some zombie action but vampires are so sexy. I’ve been searching for one for years!! I mean seriously, who wouldn’t want to live forever with the perfect hair and skin?? This doesn’t include those sparkling losers from Twilight. I hate them! 😉

And we hate them, too. Thanks DaWoyne! Come out and see him cause all sorts of havoc at Comic Con in GEEKS! THE MUSICAL! Opening this Friday! Be square, be there.


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